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Welcome to the Memorial Collection Corner

If you're wondering if you should hire a funeral photographer, you're not alone. There is no right or wrong answer. Your deeply personal decision is difficult during this sorrowful and stressful time.

We provide sensitive, respectful and private funeral photography services. Our candid, discrete, and compassionate coverage documents your memories.

If you choose me, I'll honor your beloved's life through my work. More importantly I'll document the memories you wish you could forget-but that you don't want to forget.

Just funerals can offer healing, my photographs of immediate and extended family, childhood friends, school friends, work friends and neighbors coming together can help heal your headache through remembrance.

When we are photographing your unfair reality, I'm going to record memories for you and for the others left behind, and these photos will wait for you. They'll be there when you want them-even if you're not ready for them!

Amid your grief, this visual record is important because it's difficult to remember or comprehend all that surrounds us during these stressful events. My funeral photography will provide you with tangible memories uncolored by time.

Anthony Edwards

Photography Services:

"The Celebration" Memorial Folio
The Memorial Folio is a professionally printed 12x12 album made from premium quality materials with the finest press paper, 
"The Celebration" Online Gallery 
The Online Gallery gives you access to view, download and order prints of your professional photographs.
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